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Due to high demand, new Live Art Chat / Consult orders are currently on hold.


*All live sessions will be a minimum of 1.5 hours in length.

The most effective learning experience that I've had as an artist is when a more experienced artist works directly over my work (or right in front of me) and discusses what he is doing and why. This kind of specialized feedback is often limited to live workshops and more expensive online classes, so I am happy to now offer it to you, a-la-carte.

The format is simple. We connect one-on-one in a private ZOOM online meeting, and talk about whatever is on your mind. What you're struggling with, paintings you're working on, how to improve, career advice ... how to make the best morning coffee ... whatever!

I am an experienced teacher, and for years have worked with students of all skill and experience levels. I will be able to connect with you wherever you are in your art journey, and help you progress in your work.


  1. Purchase a session
  2. I will follow up via email within 24 hours to schedule the chat
  3. The consultation will be recorded, and a link will be sent out within 24 hours of the session, along with copies of any images/paintovers produced during the session ... and even some bonus content!

Any questions? Please email me:

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