This section contains three of my self-published books, including collections of my digital art, travel sketches, and a written look into the meaning of creativity and art. 

Imaginary Places: Contains 46 pages of artwork, complete with a step-by-step of my painting process. Hardcover, 9x12". Published in 2010.

Small World: A 40-page collection of my watercolour & gouache travel sketches. Hardcover, 4x6". Published in 2014.

Creativity And The Campfire: What is the nature of creativity? Are creativity and art the same thing? Is skill worth more than talent? This book investigates creative obstacles, pitfalls, and misguided beliefs - and discusses the mindsets and approaches to get the most out of leading a creative life. Published in 2016.

Also available as audio book, and on kindle. 

Other professional publications available: 

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