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Prints, books and originals will be ready for shipping within 1-5 business days. 

Delivery times vary by location, approximately as follows: 

     Canada: 1-5 business days

     USA: 1-7 business days

     Rest of World: 1-2 weeks 

Expedited / Tracked Shipping

For expedited shipping or shipping with tracking, please contact upon purchase for price request. 

Most orders are shipped regular mail (without tracking), unless otherwise selected at checkout where available.

For expedited shipping or shipping with tracking, please contact upon purchase for price request. 

How do digital downloads work? 

Upon purchase you will immediately be emailed a PDF file containing the necessary links to access your courses. All classes are hosted through Dropbox. 

Do the links expire?


Can I stream the classes?

Yes, Dropbox supports streaming.

Can I download the classes to my hard drive? 

Yes, the files are yours to download. Though I kindly ask that you do not share the files publicly with others on the internet. For one it is illegal to do so, and second, doing that reduces my ability to produce high-quality lessons. Thank you very much for helping prevent piracy!

Please email, and be sure to cite your order number. I will reply within 48 hours.

Products & Materials

If you’re interested in painting, I think the best place to begin is at my YouTube channel. I have many short lessons there covering a whole slew of important art fundamentals. Then I recommend purchasing the videos in the Digital Painting series, as those videos feature in-depth demonstrations, in real time, of which fundamentals I am applying, and how I am applying them.

Understanding and Painting the Head is also a good choice for beginners who have a little bit of drawing experience, but want to know how to take the next steps and develop good habits.

Illustrating Children’s Books will take you through many important fundamental drawing and painting lessons, applicable to any project or medium.

Also - stay tuned for 2020 releases of a new line of beginner-series digital painting lessons!

There are no absolute requirements, but I do recommend having a tablet (a product like Wacom or Huion, for example) as well as a digital painting application.

For traditional media, any brand of watercolors and gouache will work, though do not recommend student-grade paints. I use brands like Winsor&Newton, Holbein, and Daniel Smith. I also recommend using at least 140lb paper, as anything thinner will not be able to survive multiple washes.

Nope! My teaching is heavily based on the fundamentals of art, rather than using a specific piece of software. That means you will be able to benefit 100% from all of my classes, in the app of your choice. That being said, I use Adobe Photoshop in my work, so that is the software you’ll see on screen. But the tools I use are more or less universal, and easy to find in many other digital painting softwares.

It is in ABR format. This is becoming the most common format for brush distribution, though it is currently not supported by every digital painting app. Please check if your software of choice can import ABR file format.

Yes! I sign all prints in black marker before shipping.

Yes, I currently teach at CG Masters Academy ( I teach The Art of Color and Light, which is an 8-week intensive class, and runs four times per year. Check the CGMA site for registration and scheduling info!

Sign up to the newsletter to be informed about future, private classes though! I have a few exciting things in the works that I’m not quite ready to announce yet :)

Currently the best place to do that is on my Patreon page, at the highest tier level. Occasionally I offer that service here as well, though I only open it up when my schedule permits. 


Yep! I used to fill 100% of my professional time with client jobs, but since (roughly) 2014, I’ve put more and more time and focus into teaching. But I still keep a fair bit of client work going at all times, as it helps me stay sharp, and on top of the ever-changing industry.

You can email me at

Yes! You may sign up upon purchase of a product, or at the bottom of this website. 

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