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Using 3D Techniques with Digital Painting

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In today's competitive world of concept art and illustration, the boundaries between 3D and 2D are becoming ever more blurred. It is often expected of 2D artists to have some degree of familiarity with 3D tools and processes. At the very least, understanding some basic 3D tools can really help you reach a higher creative potential.

This video class will teach you fundamental skills needed to integrate Blender - an industry standard 3D software - into your 2D workflow. Marco will do two fully-finished demonstrations, on different art pieces, discussing various ways of creating 2D imagery with the aid of 3D tools. From simple 3D block-ins, to full on 2.5D composited paintings with camera movement, such as those used in Hollywood films today, many possibilities will be covered.

Course features:

  • Great for beginner users of Blender, or beginners to 3D in general! Blender software is explained from the ground up. Includes navigating the interface, modeling basic geometry, the grease tool, texture mapping, lighting, rendering, and camera work to connect to the world of digital painting
  • Course uses Blender 2.8 - the latest release of the software
  • Using Blender's grease pencil as a bridge from 3D over to the realm of 2D illustration and digital painting
  • Preparing elements in 3D with basic UV texture mapping and rendering
  • Bringing your painting together in Photoshop with regular digital painting techniques. Full painting process will be shown, with discussions of fundamentals (light, color, value, composition, etc.) used throughout the process
  • Using digital brushwork to eliminate the sterile '3D look'
  • Using layers to help keep your process organized
  • Camera projection-mapping techniques to add real 3D depth to your 2D work, for true 2.5D imagery
  • Compositing elements back together for a final, striking image

This video class will be between 5-8 hours in length, and will be released in December, 2018. Pre-order price available until then!

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