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Note: If you order this product today, you will receive immediate access to the first 2 chapters (just over 3 hours of content.) Chapter 3 is currently in production, and is being releasing in parts, as each part gets completed. (To those who've already ordered the class, keep checking the Chapter 3 folder for new video files!)

Course will be fully complete and available by the end of March, 2020. 

All thumbnails shown above are taken from Chapters 1 & 2.

Looking to tailor your artwork to the children's book publishing market? Marco will take you through real-life projects, from beginning to end. He'll demonstrate how he starts with an author's manuscript and goes through the stages of producing illustrations for the final, published book. Key features of the lecture will include:

- Understanding the essence of a manuscript

- Understanding how kids interact with illustration

- Character posing and gesture drawing

- Fundamentals of form, shape, color, and design

- Composing a page for the most appeal, rough sketches/blocking

- Using freehanded perspective for stylized (but believable) depth

- My model for understanding color temperature, theory and application

- Using the digital environment to produce final artwork - using layers, brushes, effects, and more.

- Tuning your painting fundamentals for the medium: contrast, color design and balance, shape design, and more.

- Formatting for print delivery: CMYK color space, setting up page bleeds, trims, DPI, resolution, etc.

- Tips on working with clients

- Bonus interview with a multi-time published children's book author

- Also working on securing a second bonus interview with a children's book publisher

Marco has illustrated children's books for companies big and small: Walt Disney Publishing, Sleeping Bear Press, Harper Collins, and more. His experience in the industry ranges from primary readers to various grade levels. This gives him a wide perspective from which to teach this class, and he focuses on the principles and tools that are an indispensable part of the job.

Please note: This is not a software tutorial from the ground up. It will assume some basic familiarity with the digital painting environment. Adobe Photoshop CC is used in this lesson, but the ideas and approaches are applicable to any digital painting application (most of the information also applicable to traditional media!)

Workshop will be approx. 5-6 hours of HD video. 

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Yes, the files are yours to download. Though I kindly ask that you do not share the files with others on the internet. For one, it is illegal to do so, and second, doing that reduces my ability to produce high-quality lessons. Thank you very much for helping prevent piracy!

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