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The most effective learning experience that I've had as an artist is when a more experienced painter paints directly over my work and discusses what he is doing and why. This kind of specialized feedback is often limited to live workshops and more expensive online classes, so I am happy to now offer it to you, a-la-carte.

The format is simple. You provide a finished piece of art via e-mail, and I will record a video, where I will paint over the work using Photoshop, as well as call up images & examples that may be relevant to the critique. It is a personalized recorded teaching session.

-- Note: If you are looking for a full portfolio review, please click here!

Finished paintings are preferred. Any media is acceptable: traditional or digital. Any genre of art acceptable. I always do my best to keep my personal taste and biases out of the critiques and focus on enhancing the work through strong fundamentals.

All video critiques will be a minimum of 1 hour in length.


  1. Purchase critique session
  2. Email your artwork to (Only one piece of work per order, please. If you submit a finished painting, you may also provide its thumbnail sketches & studies) 
  3. Video critique will be delivered via Dropbox within 10 business days of submission. The file is yours to keep.

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